The mining industry is important to Australia. It brings in billions of dollars of export income. It provides work for over 750,000 Australians. It supports communities all across the country, today and into the future. We work hard, we look after each other and we are committed to Australia. Australian Mining. This is our story.

Agriculture and Mining

Matt Frazer sits on a paddock at his farm around 50 kilometres northeast of Mudgee "Without agriculture, nobody eats" he says.

What you might not expect to hear is that Australian Mining is integral to making sure Matt's farm remains more productive than ever.

This is Agriculture and Mining's Story

Boddington Hot Seaters

The 'Boddington Hot Seaters' are a group of lively mums (and one dad) who have dramatically increased production at the Boddington Gold Mine, 130 kilometres from Perth.

This is the Boddington Hot Seaters' Story

Mustaq Maqbool

Every day Mustaq Maqbool gets to "play with big boys toys." For years he dreamed about becoming a mechanic so he could work on these enormous machines and with perseverance his dreams have come true. But most importantly to Mustaq, he can be a part of the mining industry and still able to live and work in Sydney, not far from home.

This is Mustaq's Story

Anna Meares

Australians love a comeback story, and after winning Olympic gold in London Anna Meares is celebrating one of the best.

This is Anna's story

Arid Recovery

Arid Recovery is a world-class conservation and research program that protects a range of native plants and animals in South Australia's arid zone. It is a great example of a highly successful partnership between industry, government, research and local community.

This is the story of Arid Recovery

Roger Atkins

This country's most precious resource is our children; Roger Atkins and the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy are leading the charge in unearthing them.

This is Roger's story

Heather Parry

Heather is a devoted mother, accredited Pony Club Instructor, keen renovator, and the Project Manager for Leighton Contractors at the $299 million Dawson North Mine Project in Central Queensland, where she's accountable for a safe, efficient, on-budget mining operation.

This is Heather's story

Daniel Hill

As a production metallurgist, Daniel Hill extracts valuable product from mined resources. And at age 26, he's already making million dollar decisions every day.

This is Daniel's story

Dr. Paul Craven

Australian Mining is helping protect and nurture this country's most precious natural resource – our children. With the financial assistance of Xstrata Coal, John Hunter Children's Hospital now boasts one of the leading neonatal intensive care units in the world.

This is Paul's story

Rebecca Pickering

For Rebecca, and many women like her, the opportunities in the mining industry are plentiful. In fact, at only 28 she's already enjoyed a range of different roles in various fields.

This is Rebecca's story

John Watson

Thanks to John Watson's expertise, and the mining industry's commitment to the environment, last year alone John managed to save the equivalent of over 77 Olympic pools full of water from the Hunter River region.

This is John's story

Marie Bourgoin

Marie Bourgoin grew up in France, literally a world away from Australian mining. Now she is a Manager at Rio Tinto's Operations Centre in Perth, where the walls of the centre are lined with screens, monitoring rail, port and mine movements up to 1,500 kilometres away.

This is Marie's story

Len Thong

Len arrived in Australia as a refugee when he was three years old. He went on to complete a Mechatronic Engineering degree and a Masters in Finance leading him to a career in mining. Now he is part of an industry that contributes to the lives of thousands of Australians, not just for today but for the future.

This is Len's story

Ken Lamb

Ken Lamb and his family moved to Roxby Downs 20 years ago with one truck. Today they have a fleet of 130 pieces of equipment and employ over 130 people. They have used this growth to support the local community, and to invest in the Royal Flying Doctor service.

This is Ken's story

Dr. Bruce Chater

In December 2010 record rains caused flood waters to rapidly encroach on the town of Theodore.

Neither the Council, Queensland Government agencies nor the Red Cross were prepared for such an evacuation. Fortunately, Anglo American, alongside local GP, Bruce Chater, had the expertise and resources to mobilise quickly.

This is Bruce's story

Our contribution

We create thousands of jobs and contribute billions to the economy.

Our future

Sustainable development and rehabilitation of land will ensure our stories will continue well into the future.

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